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Roasted Root Tangle with Crispy Herbed Chickpeas and a Fried Egg

Think of this as a very dressed up "breakfast for dinner". You can prepare the egg any way you choose, but we recommend keeping the yolk just a bit runny- it will create the most perfect sauce to coat the rest of the dish.

Sweet Potato with Crispy Chickpeas

Talk about hearty. Combining protein rich chickpeas with a fiber-packed baked sweet potato is a match made in heaven. So simple and so good.

Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Fritters

This dish has got it all: protein, fiber and FLAVOR. One that the whole family will enjoy, make this a full meal by serving it next to a fresh salad. Perfection.

Smashed Yams

This is the perfect side dish to complement any meal. It will warm you up on a chilly day! If you don't have yams, sweet potatoes work just as well!

African Yam and Kale

Can't decide what to have for dinner tonight? This is one of our easiest and heartiest which requires minimum prep and provides maximum punch! We say punch because of the nutritional benefits that sweet potatoes and yams provide. Although they can often be substitutable for each other, sweet potatoes will provide a bit more nutritional support. Both are great sources of fiber providing 6.6 grams and 5.3 grams of fiber per one cup serving of sweet potato and yam respectively. Sweet potatoes ...