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Chunky Vegetable Dal Stew

In our newest attempt to spread our love for the humble lentil, we created a satisfying chunky dal stew. We highly recommend full-fat coconut milk in this one, for the richness it lends. Since you'll only be using 1/2 cup, you can freeze the remainder (or better yet freeze it in two 1/2 cup portions) so that you can pull it out the next time you make this recipe. If you want to pump up the veggies even further, you could add a big handful of spinach or 1/4 cup of green peas in the last ...

Spinach and Red Onion Egg Pie

Talk about a crowd pleaser! This egg pie packs protein and fresh vegetables into a indulgent crust, to satisfy everyone at the table. Once this is in your dinner rotation, feel free to vary the vegetables, add some cheese or herbs, and get creative!

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

Who thought that a homemade veggie burger could be so easy and so delicious? This burger holds up well on a bun, or can be served over dressed greens for a lighter main dish. It's filling though, don't let it fool you. We love it topped with sliced avocado, and a few rounds of juicy tomato.

Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Fritters

This dish has got it all: protein, fiber and FLAVOR. One that the whole family will enjoy, make this a full meal by serving it next to a fresh salad. Perfection.

West African Noodles with Summer Squash Ribbons and Cherry Tomatoes

Lighten up your pasta by adding vegetable noodles, in this case summer squash, to bulk out the dish without weighing you down. The West African Sauce is an exotic play on a more traditional tomato sauce, adding some excitement to every bite. To make it a full meal, just add 1/2 a can of chickpeas for some added protein and fiber.

West African Squash Soup

This silky soup will warm you up from the inside out. Familiar enough for the entire family to love, with just a touch of exotic West African flavors, to keep your taste buds guessing. If you don't have a handy immersion blender, you can use a stand blender- just make sure to cover the top with a towel instead of the lid to allow the steam to escape while you blend.

West African Dal with Green Beans

Dal is a satisfying lentil side dish, that will fill you up without weighing you down. Filled out with crunchy green beans, sautéed red onion as well as Oh! Veggies West African Sauce, this dish will have you coming back again and again.

Spinach Tomato Orzo

This meal is a super easy solution to dinner. The orzo cooks in minutes, as does the spinach and cherry tomatoes.  Makes one feel like a genius in the kitchen.

African Yam and Kale

Can't decide what to have for dinner tonight? This is one of our easiest and heartiest which requires minimum prep and provides maximum punch! We say punch because of the nutritional benefits that sweet potatoes and yams provide. Although they can often be substitutable for each other, sweet potatoes will provide a bit more nutritional support. Both are great sources of fiber providing 6.6 grams and 5.3 grams of fiber per one cup serving of sweet potato and yam respectively. Sweet potatoes ...

Cauliflower and Sweet Pea Sauté

Cauliflower is a great source of Vitamin C and K and is a great way to include more cruciferous vegetables in your diet. Typically overlooked (and please don't overcook!) this vegetable is making a comeback into the vegetable hall of fame!  When paired with our West African Peanut Sauce it's out of this world! The key here is to get a nice sear- make sure to cook the cauliflower long enough that it is slightly blackened.